Creating Positive Relationships – 2018

Thursday 1st March – 29th March 2018

13:00 – 15:00 for 5 weeks


This course is free if in receipt of a means tested benefit otherwise the cost is £30
This course looks at how aspects of life can affect our mental wellbeing. Our interactions with others and the relationship we have with our self. Developing meaningful relationships can benefit our health and wellbeing. The course will focus on strategies to build and maintain positive relationships.

To enrol Courses are free if you are in receipt of certain means tested benefits, you will need to come into a Central College main site to enrol. If not in receipt of benefits, the listed course fee should be paid and you can enrol by phone. Call Nottingham College on 0115 914 6414 and please quote: Subject course code C020411 and then your chosen class code Q020411

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