MindSet Programme History

DSC_0065Originally 74 Middle Street was just a Building. Over time it became an idea that many people thought was worth fighting for. This idea was that vulnerable people deserved the best possible support and comfort. This became the core of Middle Street, but the story begins over 40 years ago….


In 1972 Middle Street opened as a Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC ) Day Centre for people affected by Mental health issues. Over time and with the support of the excellent staff a community evolved from the users of the Centre. The support of this community provided many with a safe and encouraging envoironment over decades.


Changes to the status quo came about in 2010. NCC decided to close the centre but a public outcry caused a dramatic reversal. In fact Middle Street underwent £500,000 internal refurbishment, completed in 2013. New facilities included a new Recepton Area, Coffee Bar and Kitchen. Access to the Building was radically improved.


The re-opened Centre was to be run on the “Co-Production” principle. Users of the Centre would share in the management and operation of Middle Street. In anticipation of this, the users formed a charity called Mindset prior to refurbishment. Mindset continues to facilitate a thriving community at Middle Street running a café and a large number of activities ( see the “What’s On” page ).


The responsibility for running Middle Street was to change again in 2015. After long negotiations NCC passed the reins to Beeston Community Resource ( BCR ). BCR emerged as a steering group of local people concerned at the uncertainty over the Centre’s future. Concern over the future care of a vulnerable section of the local community was at the core of BCR. The group was registered as a Charity ( BCR CIO ) in March 2015.SPONSOR - NO NCC

In order to continue the Core Principle of care, Middle Street needed to evolve. The facilities within the Building became available for hire. This has been taken up by a variety of groups including many Community Groups. To recognise this role the official title became “Middle Street Resource Centre”(MSRC )


The Future

MSRC is moving forward as a result of the efforts of BCR, Mindset volunteers and a dedicated Management Team of Robert Ashford ( Centre Manager ) and Paul Walsh ( Development Officer ). New projects are envisaged which involve the expansion into the community of a number of activities. Mindset activities are thriving and increased community involvement is provided a stimuls for the future of MSRC.


Appendix – Archive of articles that relate to the struggle to keep Middle Street going









Appendix – Archive of articles that relate to the NEW Management
















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